We spread a healthy lifestyle; working with different sectors of the community, through theoretical and practical trainings, strengthening the concept of health promotion, prevention of disease, and when possible, disease reversal.

Medical Training Lectures

We provide lectures delivered by health professionals, dealing with different topics that influence the improvement of life quality. Among these topics, we work with the re-education of nutritional habits, the benefits of exercise, the consumption of water, adequate rest, and creating consciousness over the care of our body.

Lectures over Emotional and Mental Health

Within the framework of wholistic health, we work with the support of volunteers in the area of psychology, who offer seminars regarding stress, depression, and anxiety.

Participative Cooking Workshops

Throughout the year, we carry out cooking workshops complemented with a medical and nutritional seminar. These deal with the issues of our society, with the objective of providing tools and simple recipes to help provide a more balanced nutritional intake.

Healthy Sunday Workshop

A day-long group activity in the country, in which we cover health from an wholistic point of view. The aim is to create awareness about how to care for our body and mind.  
Includes: Medical lecture, cooking class, gym class, a walk through the farm, lecture on mental health, and a healthy lunch.

5 Day Program

A theoretical and practical educational program about a healthier lifestyle. Within a homelike environment with accommodation in comfortable cabins, you will enjoy delicious and nutritional meals which you will learn how to prepare in our cooking class. The lectures by the doctor, the nutritionist, and our psychologist will guide you to improve your current habits and replace them by others more beneficial. These activities will be complemented with exercise, massages, moments of spiritual reflection and walking in nature.

Production and Distribution of Training Material

During our programs we provide you with printed educational and training materials. This can also be found in digital format via our social media sites.

Conducting public Seminars

5 day plan to stop smoking, as part of the seminars promoted by Radio Nuevo Tiempo, with the support of the municipality of San Rafael. Presented in Centro Andaluz (October 2017).

Health Expo

Offered in in a public area, we conduct a Health Expo. In 8 stands, people obtain brief recommendations and tests to evaluate their habits, together with a short health evaluation at the end.

Invited by Génesis Incubadora, at Dirección de Turismo San Rafael (May 2017)

Support for Educational Institutions

We provide talks and training programs for children and teenagers in schools and kindergartens with the aim of helping the future generations to take care of their body, learning how to make decisions and choices that provide good health, not only in the present but also in the future.

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"Excellent! Wonderful programs! I learned a lot and I am really grateful!"

—  Marisa Roxana Jara (participated in: Cooking program)  —


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